10 Ways Your Business is Wasting Energy
August 10, 2018

10 Ways Your Business is Wasting Energy

From left on light bulbs to not being mindful of heating and cooling systems, any facility runs the risk of wasting energy. Knowing these 10 common ways that a business wastes energy is helpful as a first step towards energy supply management and saving money for the facility as a whole.

10. Overcharging Laptops and Cell Phones

We know that charging your laptop and phone is important in the workplace. However, one should be mindful of how charged their gadgets are. They won’t go above 100 percent, so why leave them plugged in all day? Not only are you wasting energy at your facility, but with overcharging, these efficient technologies tend to lose their punch as time goes on.

9. Not Programming a Thermostat

If you want to see your utility bills skyrocket, don’t program your programmable thermostat. Your thermostat controls key aspects of energy consumption in the office. Failing to program your thermostat runs your office the risk of wasting at least hundreds of dollars per year.

8. Trying to “Solve” Building Over Coolness

Not programming a thermostat results in high energy costs and people trying to solve temperature issues in their own ways. When an office is constantly cold, employees tend to turn to running space heaters underneath their desks. At this point, your facility is working double-time, when it should really just be running a single heating and cooling system at a reasonable temperature.

7. Leaving the Lights On is Wasting Energy

It may seem obvious that leaving the lights on is poor use of energy management. However, people still constantly make this mistake and this is costing your business heavily.

6. Not Changing Your Filters

Your air filters constantly inhale dust and debris over time. The average air filter should be changed every 30-60 days. Sadly, the average person simply forgets to change these essential energy saving tools.

5. Unnecessary Vending Machines

Vending machines can be a great way to keep employees happy. If you find that you are keeping these machines powered on and they are not being used, then you have a wasted energy problem on your hands. Not only does the general power it takes to run these machines hike up your bill, but so do the lights that keep them illuminated.

4. Scheduling Janitorial Staff at Night

If you have control over when your janitor shows up, try to keep this appointment scheduled outside of hours when your bill will shoot up. Most energy peak hours are between 8 am and 8 pm during the work week. If you are scheduling janitorial services outside of these hours, then the expended energy of these services can be costly.

3. Covered Up Vents

Office occupants may move furniture around. Be wary of where this furniture is moved. If items are moved into areas that block airflow then your HVAC systems will be working overtime. The extra work means lots of extra money for your business to spend on energy.

2. Wasted Time at the Office Fridge

Not only is time spent at the office fridge time taken away from productivity but the energy expended on leaving the fridge open for prolonged periods of time isn’t great for your building’s power management.

1. Not Practicing Energy Supply Management

Energy supply management is a service offered by companies like ours to help monitor and forward analysis of your business’ energy use. This service takes a deep look at how your business is using energy and the best ways that it can use it in a cost-effective way.

Become More Energy Efficient with Priority Power Management

Don’t let your high energy bills keep your business from being able to remain in control of its finances. Priority Power Management is an energy management and consulting firm that has the experience to help your business mitigate risk and defeat challenges you may face with managing efficiency efforts. Contact us today to find out more about our services and how we can help you save on your utility bill.

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