Assessing Energy Savings Efforts
November 29, 2018

3 Steps to Take When Assessing Your Energy Savings Efforts

Organizing an energy savings program and selecting the right energy director are only the first steps to take towards total efficiency. The assessment of your energy savings efforts is the next continuous move that your team will have to take. This will ensure that all of the goals you set throughout the program’s infancy are attainable. Here are three ways to approach performance assessment during the first stages of your energy savings program.

Focus on Data Collection and Management

When you are attempting to track your data, you will want to have a clear understanding of where your energy is being used, how it’s being used, and in what amounts. Without this information, you won’t be able to set manageable goals and successfully change your approach to energy use.

When focusing on data collection, you want to:

  • Gather your energy bills
  • Check meter readings
  • Make an inventory of all energy generating appliances on site
  • Determine the cost-per-year of your current energy appliances

Although this process may seem initially tedious and looming, the reality of the matter is that this information management and gathering can be outsourced to an energy management corporation to expedite the process.

Regardless of how you approach the overall data collection, you will want to create a tracking system that details the scope of information being tracked, has easy use for updating, and is easy to understand throughout your company. This can best be seen through a simple excel spreadsheet that is updated on a scheduled basis.

Analyze and Evaluate Your Trends

Conducting quantitative and qualitative reviews is important when you are analyzing data involving your facility’s energy trends. These methods will be able to help your business determine:

  • The financial impact of your energy use
  • Where the most energy is expended
  • Where more information needs to be gathered
  • How policies and procedures are or are not helping with energy use

Benchmarking Helps You See the Big Picture

Looking at your facility as a whole will help your energy savings team-best measure the locations energy performances. The best way to direct these measurements is through baselines and benchmarks. By adding this step during your assessment process, you can best measure your energy use in your market as a whole.

By focusing on benchmarks like your energy past performance, the industry average of energy use, and how much energy your competition is using up, you will have a much clearer picture of where your business currently stands and what goals are appropriate to set.

A great place to start is through the EPA. Their organization has a national energy performance rating system that is available for the common commercial and industrial sectors. This will give you a good idea of how other facilities nationwide are performing and where you should start looking to save in your company.

Set Your Energy Saving Goals and Achieve Them with Priority Power Management

Starting your business’ energy management solutions on your own can be a difficult and arduous process. By working with a company like Priority Power Management, your business can easily implement a program that works to fit your needs.

Contact us today to find out how our team can help you create an energy savings program that not only saves you money on energy but helps to reduce your environmental footprint.

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