Common Mistakes in an Energy Savings Program
October 27, 2018

4 Common Mistakes Made in an Energy Savings Program

An energy savings program can be a plan that helps your facility save money almost immediately. High energy bills are a huge financial risk to even larger companies, so finding ways to manage the power used at a facility is crucial.

Even when an energy savings program is in place, without the right team, Energy Director, or organizational skills behind it, mistakes can be made that will cost your business money. Priority Power Management helps create savings programs that work, here are some mistakes that we commonly see made by companies that mismanage savings efforts.

1.  Your Team Doesn’t Look At the Big Picture

Sustaining your business and promoting excellent energy management practices go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, many businesses that try to create an energy savings program, tend to fail because they overlook this correlation.

In order to succeed, your team must take the time to look at the big picture and make sure that all of your goals are able to be achieved in the long-run. Don’t rush through your goals without considering if they are actually achievable. Saving some money now is great, but saving even, later on, is better.

2.  Failure to Invest Enough in Your Efforts

When you decide to invest in energy management, you have to invest enough to make it work for you. By slowly putting money into your energy savings program, you yield slow results and the project will become a failure before it even has a chance to take-off.

Your energy management company that is supporting your program will be able to give you insight on how to invest wisely in your program. By taking their advice, you will be able to achieve rapid growth of the program within your company.

3.  Upper-Management Does Not Support Your Energy Savings Program

Getting support from the CEO and other superiors at your company is important to the success of an energy savings program. They may not understand how energy savings could save their business money.

Some energy savings teams, unfortunately, encounter this problem. Luckily, convincing your upper-management of the importance of your program isn’t too hard without the right data.

Some discussion points with your superiors could be:

  • Statistics and financial facts to support your case
  • Specific ideas that you have for the energy savings program
  • Showing a detailed outline of the problem

4.  Your Program is Using the Wrong Equipment

In short, you always get what you pay for. If your energy program invests in the wrong equipment to save some money, your success can easily be hampered or halted completely. You want to ensure that your power program gives you equipment with all of the right perks that make it work. Your program management company will be able to help you select the right equipment and software that your business needs for optimal energy savings.

Priority Power Management Helps Your Facility Avoid Making These Costly Mistakes

If you know that your business is in need of a power management program that will help save it money, don’t waste another month with a high energy bill. Get in touch with Priority Power Management today. Our team of experts has the knowledge to help you create a program that makes sense for your goals.

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