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September 28, 2018

4 Questions to Ask Before Starting an Energy Savings Program

Creating an energy savings program for a business of any size can be a complex process. From discovering where the problems in the company’s energy use lie, to selecting the right people to serve on committees, there may be a lot of questions involved.

At Priority Power Management, we’re system energy management consultants that regularly help businesses like yours figure out how to optimize their energy use through beneficial efficiency programs. We understand that questions come up, and we believe that you should have them.

If you are just starting out the planning process of preparing for an energy savings program, here are some questions you should ask before settling on a set path.

How Should I Calculate My Business’ Energy Savings?

You can’t figure out where you need to improve without knowing where you are going wrong with your energy consumption. Therefore, calculating your facility’s energy baseline is like taking your first steps toward improvement.

Once you’ve examined your building’s size, occupancy, and location, you can begin to develop what your potential energy savings could be with an energy efficiency program.

How Are We Being Billed?

Even though rate structures can be difficult to examine and trace, it is important to take the time to look at these areas of your bill. The rate structure is essentially what tells you how much you are being billed per hour, what is exactly being billed, and any potential ‘time of use’ rates that energy companies love to implement.

Once you work with your program coordinators to understand the how of your billing you will b able to trace back to why you haven’t been saving money in the long-run.

What is the Ultimate Goal of Our Energy Savings Program?

Knowing exactly what you want your goals to be is important. Do you want to improve cash-flow? Is your building located in a Green community? Do you need to build trust with your audience as a new company?

All of these goals are attainable with an energy savings program. Keeping your eye on them will help you form the right type of program with the right team on board.

Does Energy Efficiency Really Improve Cash-Flow?

The short answer to this is a resounding: Yes. When you select the right energy supply management program, you will essentially save money that you can spend on other areas that need improvement in your business.

Some managers who may seem dubious about waiting for cash savings will be surprised by the speed of an implemented program. A properly planned program can actually yield immediate results for a business that follows their procedures.

Priority Power Management Answers Your Energy Savings Questions

If you have questions about energy savings programs, Priority Power Management is on-call to answer them for you. We are leaders in implementing effective energy efficiency programs in businesses large and small.

Find out what type of program we could implement for your business to start saving you money. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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