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October 5, 2018

An Energy Director’s Job in Your Energy Savings Program

A business’ energy savings program is important to its financial success and reputation. Even though companies like Priority Power Management help create and guide programs to fruition, there still needs to be a solid leader in power.

What is an Energy Director?

During the development of an energy savings program, your company needs to consider appointing an Energy Director. An Energy Director is essentially the individual that manages the program and ensures that everything is on track.

They may not be extremely energy savvy, and that’s just fine. Your Energy Director is the face of your efforts, and must truly understand what it takes to create and manage a program team.

What Are Their Duties in an Energy Savings Program?

Your Energy Director will help your company meet its financial and environmental goals throughout the energy program’s duration. This position can either be full-time or be added on as extra duties to an already existing position. The decision really depends on company size and means.

Coordination of the Energy Program

Your energy program is going to be quite the change for your business. Therefore, having a leader who works directly with Priority Power Management is a great way to ensure proper coordination.

Your Director will help in the creation of energy-saving goals, keeping these goals on track, and adjusting the program when it needs to be.

Point of Contact for Executive Management

Most likely your Energy Director is not going to be a member of the company’s executive management. They will be the energy team and program provider’s gateway to management. One of their leading responsibilities will be to relay messages between management and the energy teams. This is where management skills come into play making communication quick, effective, and to-the-point.

Builds an Efficient Energy Team

Energy Director Stands Out from the CrowdThis aspect of the job is probably the most important one. We understand that the process is new to your Energy Director and that is why we are eager to help your company build an energy team that saves you money.

Your Energy Director will be responsible for forming a team that will effectively be able to help them with future planning, management, and data tracking. A well-functioning energy team will consist of several different specialties that include but are not limited to:

  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Utilities
  • Contractors and Suppliers

Manages Your Energy Savings Results

Your company’s energy supply management results may be immediate if your savings program is managed properly. Your Energy Director will be in charge of tracking and measuring the results of your program’s efforts to ensure that your savings can become effective.

Once your savings results start to show some progress, your Director will be in charge of communicating said results to the public and improving your company’s reputation.

Priority Power Management Helps Build Up Efficient Energy Directors

If your energy use is costing your business a high amount of crucial funds, then it is time to start considering an energy savings program with Priority Power Management. Our team will be able to get your savings in check and teach you how to manage your energy use in the future. Contact us today to find out more about our services.

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