Priority Power Management

Powering the Crypto Mining Industry

The biggest issue facing crypto miners today is speed to market within a long-term scalable solution that delivers the lowest energy costs available in the United States.  As miners race to increase scale and efficiency, the ultimate long term competitive advantage will always be the lowest cost of power.

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  • Low cost and sustainable power is driving a large shift towards cryptocurrency mining in the United States creating a significant opportunity for companies that can locate, access, and manage power in a reliable and scalable manner 
  • Energy Management is a mission-critical, complex, and dynamic component of cryptocurrency mining and requires a strategic and comprehensive approach to achieving the lowest cost and most reliable source of power 
  • Priority Power Management (“PPM”) has partnered with the largest crypto mining companies with a track record of delivering over 650 MW of capacity with the most competitive energy costs available  
  • PPM’s pipeline of projects of over 2GW of capacity will deliver power at an unparalleled scale, on industry-leading timelines, and with industry-leading innovation 
  • PPM is the most comprehensive full life-cycle energy services firm, has a 20-year track record, and is best positioned to deliver all of your mining company’s critical energy-related success factors

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Leading The Charge

At PPM, we are confident in our ability to deliver the dependable  and sustainable power you need not just today, but for the future.

We've partnered with the largest crypto mining companies to deliver over 1GW of capacity and have a project pipeline +2 GW.

We offer the most comprehensive full life-cycle energy services firm with 20 years of unparalleled experience that gives us the best position to deliver on all of your mining company's critical energy-related success.

PPM is a purpose-built and client-centric platform offering a full suite of integrated energy management solutions.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, ‘ERCOT’, provides some of the most competitive energy prices globally while simultaneously delivering one of the most sustainable mixes of power generation. Due to the geographic scope and complexity of the ERCOT market, realizing the low-cost power requires a pro-active and dynamic strategy based on experience, longstanding relationships, and technical capabilities. This is what Priority Power Management does best!

Priority's Differentiated Approach

Priority acts as an extension of our client’s staff to provide strategic energy solutions addressing business challenges and sustainability goals in an open-book, transparent manner, with deep multi-disciplined experience that drives results and achieves objectives.