Manage energy costs with battery storage
February 13, 2020
Before it adjourned last year, Congress declined to act on multiple pieces of energy storage legislation including the Energy Storage Tax Incentive and Deployment Act of 2019. But across the country, states are taking the lead in advancing this innovative
Grid power alternatives
January 9, 2020
Ice on power lines, fierce winds, and severe cold are the ingredients for winter power outages. For businesses, loss of electricity is more than an annoyance — it damages the bottom line.  The cost? It’s not small. An Esource study found that on average,
How to Know You've Picked the Right Energy Advisor
November 18, 2019
With energy costs taking up more and more of businesses’ budgets each year, plus the difficulties of navigating a complicated commercial electricity market, it’s no wonder many businesses have sought out the expertise of companies like Priority Power

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