Catholic Diocese


“The Diocese has realized significant administrative and cost savings by utilizing services provided by Priority Power Management.”
Facilities Manager

Situation Analysis:

  • The Diocese was established in 1969 by Pope Paul VI and currently is home to an estimated 978,952 Catholics.
  • The Diocese is comprised of 90 parishes in 28 Counties of North Texas.
  • Electricity expense for all churches and other facilities within the Diocese was a significant expense, and the Diocese was seeking expertise to manage this large expense.
  • In 2003, the Diocese turned to Priority for its energy expertise and services.


  • Priority provides energy strategy development, procurement, contract negotiation and risk management services for electricity supply.
  • Priority’s program has resulted in:
    • Significant electricity cost savings and avoidance
    • The reduction of price risk and establishing budget certainty
  • Established a trusted energy management partnership which provides peace of mind and allows the Diocese to have peace of mind knowing that their electricity spend is in good hands.

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