Manufacturing Company


“We rely on Priority Power Management’s energy expertise to minimize our energy expenses and manage our price risk.”
Chief Financial Officer

Situation Analysis:

  • Manufactures plastic containment products for the pet and sporting goods industries using plastic injection molding machines;
  • Operates 1.5 million square feet of office, manufacturing, and distribution facilities;
  • Facing steep energy cost increases, company turned to Priority for assistance in developing a strategy to lower costs;


  • Since 2004, Priority has acted as an extension of the manufacturing company’s staff, providing energy strategy, procurement, contract negotiation and risk management, as well as demand response and electric energy infrastructure solutions.
  • Priority’s program has resulted in:
    • Millions of savings in electricity expenses
    • Revenue from demand side management programs
    • More energy efficient manufacturing operations.
  • Established a trusted energy management partnership which provides peace of mind and allows the manufacturing company to reallocate resources to core business operations.

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