National Midstream Company


“We made a strategic decision to outsource our energy management to Priority Power so we can focus on our core business operations.”
Vice President, Supply Chain

Situation Analysis:

  • The midstream company is one of the largest producers of NGLs and one of the largest natural gas processing companies in the U.S., gathering and/or processing about 12 percent of our nation’s gas supply.
  • A growing national footprint presented challenges managing electricity expenses across multiple markets;


  • Beginning in 2004, Priority developed and implemented a national energy management strategy which has included:
    • Automating utility bill payment and auditing processes;
    • Managing competitive energy procurement and supplier contract negotiations;
    • Optimizing utility tariff options in regulated markets;
    • Evaluating onsite energy savings opportunities through operations and process improvements.
    • Providing turnkey electric energy infrastructure to power its operations
  • The successful program delivered $3.3 million in savings in the first year and continues to deliver value across the program.

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