Healthcare Practicing Energy Efficiency
July 19, 2019

How Healthcare can Promote Energy Efficiency

Every year the healthcare industry’s energy demands result in billions spent on electricity and natural gas.  According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in-patient healthcare facilities are second only to food service buildings in energy use per square foot. The good news is that hospitals and related facilities are positioned to benefit the most from energy efficiency improvements.

Energy Efficiency Solutions

In recent years, industry leaders have adopted energy efficiency practices that have helped hospitals around the nation reduce environmental pollution, increase quality of care, and cut their energy spending.

Perform an Energy Audit

Start your energy efficiency solutions with an energy audit of your facility. During an audit, you will quickly discover where your energy is being used and where you can make changes in your operations to increase energy savings.

Take some time to meet with management and your energy consultants to discuss your goals and determine if your location needs a preliminary or diagnostic audit.

Two Ways to Lower Your Energy Bill

Supply-side management plays an important role in managing your energy budget. Power grid electricity prices are very affordable with terms of up to 10 years. Priority Power Management will work with you to identify the proper rate structure for your facility and negotiate a highly-competitive electricity rate.

Demand-side management can also play an important role in your overall energy expenditure.  Lighting modifications, right-sizing air distribution systems, and HVAC upgrades are well-suited measures to reduce energy consumption at healthcare facilities.

Take Some Low-Cost Actions Today!

Long-term energy savings are attainable goals, but a healthcare facility can actually start saving right away with a few small tweaks.

Some steps healthcare facilities can take in order to see valuable savings include:

  • Investing in ENERGY STAR approved medical equipment;
  • Tracking current energy performance;
  • Updating lighting fixtures with energy-efficient technologies; and
  • Educating staff on how their actions influence energy consumption.

Think About a Building Retrofit

Although a building energy retrofit is a large commitment, it could yield the greatest opportunity for meaningful energy savings. A detailed building review will allow you to choose targeted upgrades to the building envelope (e.g., windows, roof, and doors), energy systems and controls, and energy uses within the facility. Your energy consultant will help you focus on the strategic planning involved with this process. Priority Power Management can help you identify opportunities to save money on your energy bill.

Turn a Corner in Healthcare Energy Efficiency with Priority Power

If you are a manager of a healthcare facility, you already know how important energy efficiency is for your bottom line. Taking the first steps into an energy savings program is often the hardest step.

Once Priority Power Management is part of your team, we can help you create a program that helps you track key energy metrics and puts you on the road to long-term savings. If you’re ready to reduce your energy bill, contact us to take that first step.

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