How to Know You've Picked the Right Energy Advisor
November 18, 2019

How to Know You’ve Picked the Right Energy Advisor

With energy costs taking up more and more of businesses’ budgets each year, plus the difficulties of navigating a complicated commercial electricity market, it’s no wonder many businesses have sought out the expertise of companies like Priority Power Management. How, though, do you know you’ve found the right energy advisor? We outline 3 key considerations below that can help you determine if a particular energy advisor is a good fit for your business.

Fee Transparency is Key

As with many business relationships, transparency is the key to knowing if you’ve found a trustworthy energy advisor. It’s important to know up front how much you are paying for their services and how many suppliers (as well as which ones) they will solicit for pricing bids. If their fee is hidden rather than disclosed, how can you know you’re being charged a fair price for their services? 

If bids are only sent out to a select few electricity suppliers every time, how sure can you be certain that you’re truly getting the best price possible? A trustworthy energy advisor should be up front and honest about their service fees, supplier relationships, and bidding process.

Reputation Matters

A good energy advisor should be well respected in their field. Consider whether representatives from the company speak regularly at conferences, whether their opinions are sought out by the media, and the particular trade organizations to which they belong. You might also think about reaching out to a few electricity suppliers and current clients to ask about their experiences in dealing with that particular energy advisor. Ask whether a prospective energy advisor understands the energy markets, proactively alerts their clients when opportunities arise, and stays on top of the latest energy technologies and innovations.  A reputable energy advisor should be able to provide you with plenty of references, case studies, and testimonials. 

Relationship Drives Success

Finally, it’s important to consider whether your energy advisor takes the time to get to know your needs and craft individualized solutions. A good energy advisor should invest plenty of time discussing your options with you and working together to achieve your stated goals. An energy advisor who is purely transactional – who presents cookie-cutter solutions and seldom puts forth the effort to advocate on behalf of their clients – will rarely develop the kind of relationship necessary to achieve truly great results. A good energy advisor should feel like an extension of your staff and should be invested in your business’s interests.

Make the Right Choice with Priority Power Management

We at Priority Power Management pride ourselves on our transparency, good reputation, and strong relationships with our clients. Contact us today and see if Priority Power Management is the right energy advisor for you!


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