Market Intelligence Operations

Renewables are growing rapidly, increasing the unpredictability of generation and price volatility

Priority Power plans, qualifies, and monetizes load resource flexibility through its proprietary software and certified operators

Services include:

  • SCADA Monitoring: Priority manages a private SCADA monitoring network operations center on behalf of clients with private energy infrastructure on an outsourced basis, for real-time monitoring, diagnostic, and unplanned service restoration
  • Consulting: Priority advises customers on specific energy issues where it has a high level of expertise, such as utility bill auditing services, energy efficiency and resource conservation, and energy data management, as well as regulated tariff optimization and special contract negotiations

Asset Management

Priority is a Level 4 Qualified Scheduling Entity (QSE) providing direct implementation of generation and load resource optimization programs with customers

  • Load resource optimization services involve customers selling excess energy capacity back to the grid thereby allowing the customer to obtain a lower net effective cost per MW of energy
  • Load resource programs are conducted by NERC certified operators
  • Traditional generation and renewable asset management services from real-time operations to 10 year plus profitability monetization

Priority is one of the largest asset management entities in the market.  Priority conducts 24/7 operations from its network operating center.