Natural Light Plays a Role in Energy Savings at the Workplace
January 16, 2019

Natural Light, Energy Savings and Beyond in Commercial Buildings

In 2019, many companies are making moves that will help them save money on rising energy bills. Some companies are turning to businesses like Priority Power Management to help start up an energy savings program.

One way that many businesses lose money is by failing to rely on the ultimate source of our energy, the sun. Natural light is a resource that tends to be overlooked. Find out a little more about the need for natural light in the workplace and how it can have a positive impact on your energy savings.

Why Do Our Buildings Miss the Target on Natural Light?

There are many reasons why natural light is something that doesn’t typically come into play for the workplace environment. The largest factor is that older buildings were designed specifically to keep out or minimize natural light.

The old beliefs that shield workers from the light are as follows:

  • Windowless offices mean a more productive environment
  • Artificial light was thought to just be better for workers
  • Natural light creates a glare on technology screens

With the improvement of technology and the rising costs of energy in the commercial environment, it is clear that the old ways are soon to be extinct and that we should start looking for ways to benefit from exposure to natural light in the workplace.

Benefits of Natural Light in the Workplace

Aside from the general beauty of natural light, there are several benefits to utilizing this resource in your office building. Not only can these benefits save your business money, but they can make you money as well.

Increase in Overall General Health

Keeping your employees healthy is a great way to start saving money on sick days. Sunlight is a resource that gives beneficiaries:

  • Maintenance of circadian rhythm
  • Vitamin D
  • The creation and release of melatonin

Higher Productivity at No Cost

Avoid “sick building syndrome” by organizing your workplace to allow your employees to enjoy some sunshine. Plastic products and no sunlight create a lethargy, tiredness, and feeling of poor concentration that no company should have to pay for.

Exposure to sunlight is an easy way to keep your employees functioning optimally during the day. Even creating an outdoor area where people can enjoy the natural light for a few minutes of the day is an easy solution that helps keep your productivity high at relatively no cost.

Natural Light Fits in with Your Energy Savings Efforts

Save money in 2019 by relying on natural light to reduce your workplace having to spend excess cash keeping the lights on. Most of your business hours are typically during times of the day when natural light is prevalent. Keep the blinds open and invest in computers with glare-free screens. That investment alone will save you money in the long-run.

Enjoy Your Savings in the Sun with Priority Power Management

Your energy savings team will be able to show you the many ways that you can incorporate natural light into your everyday savings routine. If you know that it is time for your business to stop spending excess money on energy bills and focus on a savings plan, reach out to Priority Power Management today to find out more about our services available for your industry.



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