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June 27, 2019

Planning Out Your Business’ Infrastructure Solution Project

Commercial and industrial businesses across the state of Texas are making the effort to improve the energy infrastructure that supplies their company with a steady supply of electricity and gas. Through strategic planning from the energy infrastructure management team at Priority Power, businesses across several industries can say goodbye to costly energy sources that push the budget overboard.

Making the move to self-sufficient energy management may seem like an astronomical task. However, with the help of Priority Power’s specialists on your side from start to finish, your team can easily work through the ins and outs of infrastructure solutions. Here are some ways to approach the creation of your onsite power generation project.

With Infrastructure, Focus On Strategic Planning

The development of energy infrastructure is a process that requires a deep look at a business and its ultimate goals for the project and long-term energy savings. During the planning process, it’s imperative to examine:

  • The client’s available budget 
  • The client’s capital and operating costs
  • Financing options
  • Their total electrical load and forecasted growth
  • The best electrical service delivery options available to the client
  • Onsite generation, grid power, and renewable options (solar, wind, gas, etc.)

Get the Right Engineers for the Job

Hiring the right team for the job means that their engineers will be able to turn concepts into detailed specs that will help lead the construction process of your onsite infrastructure solutions

When looking for a contractor to create a microgrid or other utility infrastructure project, select a team that has multi-disciplined engineers that can successfully create the detailed specifications that will be required for a successful project.

An experienced engineer will be able to help you understand:

  • The total design and structure of your electrical system;
  • The project’s grounding analysis and how your equipment will remain protected;
  •  Efficiently designed land survey;
  • Your project’s as-built drawings, and more.

Asset Management is a Must

Remember, even after your infrastructure has been built and is in use, you need to make sure it is operating at peak performance levels. From monthly inspections to remote monitoring of the site’s functions, your energy management consultant’s team can provide the operating and maintenance services that will reduce the risk of equipment failure and unexpected outages.

Develop Infrastructure Solutions that Work with Priority Power Management

When it comes to an expert approach to developing private energy infrastructure, this discussion has only grazed the tip of the iceberg. Let Priority Power Management be your guide through the entire process of creating long-term energy savings. 

Our team is prepared to show clients the options available to them for onsite power generation and other energy solutions that provide long-term financial and environmental benefits. If your business is ready to take the leap into private electrical infrastructure, contact us today to speak with a team member about how to get the process started.

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