Energy Savings HVAC Tips
April 3, 2019

Save Energy and Money With These HVAC Tips

Most businesses practicing an energy savings program are aware that HVAC units require substantial amounts of energy to function. However, without proper maintenance and upgrades, the energy that your unit uses could be the culprit behind a consistently high energy bill.

Spring is here and the weather is heating up. Now is the perfect time to find out how your business can start holding onto cash while also meeting energy savings benchmarks with these HVAC tips from Priority Power Management.

1. Clean and Change Your Air Filters

One way to make sure that your system is always running well doesn’t even require the help of a professional. Cleaning and changing your air filters is something that you should be doing every 60 to 90 days.

This is a task that can easily get forgotten and become a wrench in your energy supply management plans! Don’t let your air filters build up dust and make your unit work harder than it needs to. We recommend scheduling your change dates on a phone app or physical calendar.

2. Keep the Area Around Your HVAC Clear

If your business’ HVAC unit is outdoors, it is always best to keep the location around it clear from debris like branches, dirt, and leaves. Any energy savings professional can tell you that this type of clutter can easily cause problems within your system’s operation. Regularly check around your unit and clear out any debris that could prevent your AC from draining water properly like it needs to.

3. Replace Your Old Unit with Energy Saving Models

Even though it may sound like an expensive move, replacing your old HVAC with an energy efficient unit is really a very cost-effective move. An older unit that’s been neglected has to work overtime in order to produce optimal results throughout your building.

This extra work costs you extra dollars each billing period. Therefore, replacing the unit with one that is ENERGY STAR approved may cost a little initially, but the financial benefits will really help your budget out in the long-run with a system that works well with minimal effort.

4. Turn to Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats save you money because now your system isn’t constantly cooling a room when it doesn’t have to. Cut back on energy use and costs by setting your desired temperature when you know your business will need it. Let your thermostat sync up with your schedule and watch the savings stack up!

Create Energy Savings Year-Round with Priority Power Management

Saving energy clears up your business’ budget to put funds towards even more areas you’d like to focus on. Don’t take the journey to energy savings alone. Let the experts at Priority Power Management help. Contact us today to find out about how we can help create financial and eco-friendly results for your business.

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