Energy Information Management

Understand, Procure and Use Energy More Successfully

Energy costs and the related resources required to manage energy expenses can be a significant business challenge for most organizations. Between tracking data, monitoring market changes, validating rates, detecting and resolving billing errors and developing and analyzing cost and usage exception reports, organizations spend a significant amount of the two most precious resources: time and money. The question becomes, how can organizations better understand, procure and use energy in the face of these challenges?

Priority Power Managment’s Energy Information Management (EIM) service provides cost-effective solutions to organizations that want to maximize all of the opportunities available to manage, monitor and reduce energy costs. Priority is dedicated to providing our clients with the most accurate information, comprehensive analysis and state-of-the-art technology to empower them to maximize every opportunity in the energy marketplace. In addition, because we have been in this business since long before deregulation and other factors affected the marketplace, we are able to give you an expert look at your total energy picture, and then provide you with solutions and energy reduction strategies to streamline your entire process.

Priority’s EIM offering provides clients access to enhanced energy information, automated audit and control mechanisms and web-based information presentment and reporting capabilities. The result is a comprehensive utility bill management solution that enables significant improvement in overall accuracy, reduction of late fees and access to detailed usage and consumption data that can be leveraged to provide considerable energy procurement savings.

Key elements of Priority’s EIM include:

  • Account & Meter Tracking
  • Bill Entry & Auditing
  • Benchmarking
  • Energy Dashboard
  • Report Designer
  • PowerViews™

Ability to retrieve information for any commodity any number of (electric, natural gas, water, sewer, refuse, etc.) and accounts, meters, bills, and bill details. View each account’s cost and consumption history in graphical or tabular format, easily compare fiscal year, monthly, or annual summaries. By helping you correlate cost and consumption information, we can provide data that leads to actionable insights.

Priority gathers your bill information and imports it into a database to remove the problem of keeping track of paper bills. From there, your data can be audited, analyzed, presented, and even exported to your accounting system. Priority gives you the peace of mind by running audits to verify accuracy and spot problems with your utility bills. Create audit groups, perform quick check audits, and automate bill checking. You can customize how often an audit is performed or during specific times through the bill entry process.

Priority compares similar meters and buildings to see if there are any outliers that could turn into an opportunity for potential savings. Ranking and comparing meters and buildings by criteria that you suggest will help us prioritize energy conservation efforts. The criteria you can mold your comparison around includes: primary usage, commodity, vendor, or rate.

Energy Dashboard

Energy dashboard is the where we can view different snapshots of information all in one place. We can customize it to show the top priority information and readily deliver the data to our clients in the form of graphs, tables, and charts.

Priority Power Management has access to 250 useful reports, charts, and graphs. Report categories include: analysis, billing, budget, cost avoidance, ENERGYSTAR, greenhouse gas, invoice, production, weather, and year-to-year. We can export to Excel, PDF, HTML, or several other formats. Each report is customizable through a wide variety of filtering options.

PowerViews™ are exclusive charts, graphs, and tables that we create using EnergyCap software to show you important energy analytics. These graphs can be sent to you at any point for your reference, presentations, and further analysis. We can show you the information of cost, unit cost, consumption for any meter, building, departmental, or accounting of your company. This will be able to indicate any concerns, trends, or savings prospects.

Priority’s Energy Information Services Group is dedicated to providing its clients with accurate information, comprehensive analysis and forward-looking technology in order to empower them to maximize every opportunity in the energy marketplace.

  • Receive all of your utility bills and audit them for more than 30 financial variables.
  • Provide an energy cost and consumption warehouse with more than 25 different reports.
  • Execute to guaranteed service levels to ensure bills are paid on a timely basis.

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