Simple Tips For Energy Efficiency at Your Facility
August 29, 2018

Simple Tips for Energy Efficiency at Your Facility

Energy management may seem like something that is out of reach for a business like a power plant or even a school. However, with the help of Priority Power Management, you will be able to focus on mitigating energy costs and implementing an energy management plan that works.

We understand that preparation for such a program may take some time, but you’d still like to save money until then. Here are a few simple tips that can help you lower your energy bill before we teach you about real-time energy saving in the market.

Focus on Empty Space

Even if you have a bustling building to power up like a school, your facility will not always need to be operating at full steam. We suggest creating a schedule and knowing when your building is full and when everyone has gone home. This effort will help you boost energy conservation and keep your utility bills manageable.

Some areas that where you can reduce energy use include:

  • HVAC Systems
  • Lighting Systems

By turning down the thermostat and properly shutting down the lights when they aren’t needed, your location will be able to reduce energy waste in empty spaces that typically skyrocket a utility bill.

Ask Employees How to Improve Energy Efficiency

Everyone has an opinion on how energy supply management can be set into place. Therefore, ensuring that your staff has a watchful eye on areas where inefficiency occurs can really bring up some fresh ideas on how to save.

Start a Suggestions Program

This type of program will promote new ideas for energy savings from your team. Get all levels involved in your organization, especially workers that are overnight employees. By regularly reading suggestions and having your employees feel like their ideas are appreciated, not only will you be taking the first steps into an energy management program, but you will be promoting positive team communication.

Procure Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy efficient appliances that rely on power saving technology like timers are excellent options for your office space. By purchasing products that are Energy Star approved, you can also get your location in the right direction for saving money on your energy bill. Some examples of products that can be beneficial to your efficiency efforts include:

  • Laptop computers that help you save more energy than desktops,
  • Plug-in timers for water coolers and coffee machines,
  • Voice over internet protocol phones,
  • And SNE that is Energy Star approved.

Take Energy Risk Management Above and Beyond with Priority Power Management

If your business is ready to work with an energy management service that will produce results, Priority Power Management is ready to help! Our energy supply management programs are specially implemented to fit the unique needs of each client that we work with.

We have over 300 years of combined energy experience and are capable of helping you save on your energy efforts. Contact us today to find out more about our services in your area.

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